Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In a red dress

A year ago or so, maybe even longer, I heard a conversation in bus nr. 6 (Brasov, Romania). Two old men, maybe dressed in too thick clothes, certainly laughing too loud, were talking about one of their neighbors. I realized they hadn’t seen her for years- she had left the country many years ago- and that she made a stir in the neighborhood. I heard that she used to walk among the blocks of flats dressed in a red dress. In the morning and in the evening. Alone, every time. It’s a worker’s district, where women don’t use to go out dressed like that. For a long time I listened to the two old men remembering the lady- elegant, a little bit improper, like taken from another movie. They remembered also on what streets she used to walk (Calea Bucureşti, Saturn, Uranus, Venus, then on another street named after a planet that I don’t remember; sometimes she walked until the city center). They remembered with whom she used to talk (never with them). I don’t know anything about this unknown lady, just some details. She was selling Carpati cigarettes and buttons, at a tobacco shop, and one day she broke a bottle of milk right in front of a block of flats. I got off the bus before finding out more, so nothing thrilling is to be said, it’s almost a non-story, but it’s a story I enjoyed. In the photos, I tried to re-create the walks I heard about in the bus. Text and photos: Alina Andrei Translated by Elise Wilk Model: Rosana Cosma

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