Thursday, March 2, 2017

SOLILOCVIU/ Oameni care vorbesc singuri

Soliloquy (lat. Solus "alone" + loquat "to speak"): "a person's conversation with themselves".

I often see people talking on the street alone. Strangers gesticulating widely or obsessively moving their lips, holding conversations with themselves or with imaginary characters. Others singing songs that I was trying to recognize. Some were weeping and screaming.

Almost every time, the reaction of other passers by was a mixture of amazement, amusement and slight superiority. After all, the people who talk to themselves are perceived as crazy / abnormal, and the ones that observe the scene consider themselves mentally healthy / normal. The bigger the city, the more often you can see people talking to themselves on the street.

The paper-people in the exhibition are drawn and cut out paper-replicas of real people I've seen over the years in different cities. Some of them really looked ill. Others seemed to be talking to themselves just because of stress, and some (more rarely) seemed actually happy.

P.S. It happens to me to laugh, sometimes, being alone on the street.

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