Monday, December 1, 2008

How To Photograph Cats

Un material mai vechi in ultimul nr. din F stop magazine:
The Golden Rules:

1. Don't feel sympathetic if they sleep. You can still photograph them. (A Hungarian author wrote a story around his cat that was sleeping and purring on his manuscript).

2. Communication: Talk to the cats; call them by their names (Felix, Valjean, Berlioz, Tom, Oscar, Ozzy). They might not respond, but they'll look expressively into the camera (with contempt most of the times).

3. Before the photo session, treat them well. Mice, fish, rubber balls. They'll be grateful. You could substitute mice with sausages, milk, or cat-grass.

4. If you photograph them on the roof, don't forget, only cats have 9 lives.

5. Onlookers are sympathetic to cats next to big dogs. It works every time, especially if you entitle the picture "Two Friends", or "Sheltering". You could sell the picture to calendar and post card publishers, or advertising. All you need is to find a slightly groggy Saint Bernard to be able to squeeze your cat under his paws. Watch out he's not stepping on the cat though!

6. Pictures with ladies with leopard dotted skirts and cats on leash are also well regarded. If you lightly smear some milk (or honey) on your woman's knees, you can be assured that the cat will not leave before the photo session ends.

Tot textul pe Fstopmagazine:


adi c said...

Imi plac mult pozele tale! Am citit un articol din ID. Nici cu scriitura nu stai rau deloc! Poate imi zici cum faci pozele cu "gogoloaie de soare"? Mersi.

Alina Andrei said...

Cand fotografiez stau cu fatza catre soare. Atat.

Anonymous said...

foarte haioasa asta cu pisicile de fotografiat

ggl said...

7. Disregard all of the above.